Monroe Community College Athletics

Student-Athlete Services

Academic Services:

  • Learning Centers: Learning Centers provide MCC students with access to computers, video tapes, audio tapes and viewing equipment in a central location. Learning centers are located in building 11.
  • Tutoring Services: Tutoring is available to all students. Students should see an academic advisor to request tutoring services as early as possible to ensure best results.
  • Academic Advisors:  Student-athletes should contact their assigned advisor with questions, problems or concerns with their schedule, teachers or any other academic situation. 


Counseling Support:

  • Student-athletes who are in need of counseling support should see the Life Skills Coordinator.  The counseling staff at MCC is able to help students regarding: personal growth, coping with stress, decision-making, career development, relationships, expressing feelings, social skills, self-esteem, etc.

Community Service:

  • Each team will be involved with community service projects during the academic year.