2020 Intramural Basketball League

(Spring 2020)


What: Basketball Round Robin League
Who: Open to all non-varsity MCC students, faculty, and staff
When: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 12-12:50 p.m.  The league will start late February 3rd. 

You may sign up as an individual or create your own team.  Individuals will be placed on a team of other individual signups on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Sign-up can be down at the intramural office (10-129) or by filling out the online entry form.

If you do not have a team you will placed on a team, and or you can ask to join a team.  There will be a max of 10 players per roster.


Games will consist of two 15-minute halves, with a running clock until the last minute of play.  There will be a 5-minute break for halftime and then second half will commence.


A game schedule will be posted once all teams are accounted for. There will be a single-elimination playoff following the regular season.

Game Decorum:

Once the game is over, players need to leave the gym area immediately as there is class in the gymnasium following intramurals.  If you do not leave promptly we will have to shorten games.  Please only bring water courtside, as there is no food allowed in the gym.

Deadline: You must be signed up by January 29th. No rosters will be accepted after that date.
Questions: Call 292-2860 or e-mail Intramural Coordinator Tara Jehlen